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I love music; my favorite being that of The Beatles. I also love Donovan, The Monkees, The Kinks, and Harry Nilsson.



GRANDFATHER: Before you go, I think it’s only fair to warn you about me Grandson… don’t let our Paul have his own way all the time, ‘cos if you do he won’t respect you!

JOHN, RINGO & GEORGE take this up straight away. They all pretend to be girls, RINGO jumps into PAUL’s arms.

GEORGE: (coyly) Oh, PAUL, you can’t have your own way!!!

JOHN: (invitingly, in a Marlene Dietrich voice) If I let you have your own way, you little rascal, will you respect me?

PAUL: (choked) I’ll murder you, Grandfather!

JOHN waltzes PAUL down to an empty table and the lads sit down.

PAUL: It’s alright for you lot, but you can see what’s going to happen, we’re going to have trouble with him all day!

JOHN: Where do you get all this “we” stuff, he’s your Grandfather… not ours.

PAUL: (bitterly) That’s what I always say, you can rely on your mates when you’re in trouble.

RINGO: Ah, we’ll help you, Paul… as long as you respect us after!

- An excerpt from the original script for A Hard Day’s Night, which had never been filmed.

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On the set of Monkees at the Movies.
From a Japanese Monkees Photo Book.

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